Maintenance Free Venus Trytrap Review

A couple weeks ago I ordered a venus flytrap plant off of Amazon.  Originally I planned to order some seeds, but decided to go for a sponsored item, which was advertised as the “Venus Fly Trap, B52 Mericlone, Maintenance Free, 100% Growth Guarantee”.

Here are my first impressions and a quick review.

I received a delivery notification on my phone but it wasn’t until 2 or 3 hours later that it occurred to me that I might want to get it considering how hot it was outside… and that it was probably baking in my black metal mailbox.

So make a mental note to yourself if you buy one – be sure to get it early in the day in case the weather is hot.

I unboxed it and it was all ready to go with instructions on how to maintain it.  I have done nothing to maintain it other than setting it on my window sill above the kitchen sink.

Fast forward about two weeks later and the flytrap is still doing fine.  The entire plant looks green and appears to have grown a bit.

Now the one thing that surprised me (a little bit) was how tiny the plant was.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered it, but the plant I received was about the size of a quarter.  The photo above should give you a better idea.

Regardless, I think it still is a fun purchase – would be great to give as a gift, or get one for yourself to put on your desk at home or at work.

According to the original listing, the clear blue growing medium is called Orchid Gene’s Terra Gel.

Maintenance Free Venus Flytrap Growing Tips

Eventually, your plant will outgrow the original bottle it came in.  According to instructions, you will want to remove it when it has filled up the terrarium and transplant it.

1 – Remove plants with tweezers

2 – If necessary, split flytraps into smaller plants.  The plants that have roots can be transplanted and you can then start this process all over again with each one.  Technically you could probably have an entire farm if you did this long enough.

3 – Use distilled water when rinsing and watering plants.

4 – Grow in 50% sphagnum peat moss & sand (with no fertilizer).

5 – You will have the best luck growing in a high humidity container such as a terrarium.  Or use plastic wrap on a regular pot.

Ok, the above is pretty much a crash course.  But the reality is these plants are a bit more high maintenance than that.  For a detailed guide, check out this video below titled “The Ultimate Venus Flytrap Care And Info Guide” by Predatory Plants.


I’ll come back and update you on the progress in the coming weeks and months.

If you are wondering if you should get one of these, I would say overall I am satisfied with my purchase.  We’ll see if I still feel that way in the future.  lol

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